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Notes from Dr Jonathan Davis

Here are the points from the nutritional meeting I attended with Dr Jonathan Davis.  Several things you need to know up front.  1.  I think the big drug companies, food companies and the FDA are all a bunch of murderous crooks who would rather kill us with bad products, lies and misinformation than lose a penny of profit.  2.  This meeting was by and for Market America distributors so the information also contains a healthy dose of product information.  3.  As always, talk to your physician. 4.  This is taken from my notes we started running out of time so the notes on some of the products/benefits towards the end are skinnier.  5.  EVERYONE should take the Nutri-physical.

1.  In 2011, the FDA authorized Doctors working with Pharmaceutical companies on drug trials to be able to receive payments of up to 50k a year PER DRUG.  They felt this amount might curb corruption since it was only 50k.  Are these people insane?

2.  The AER’s report is an FDA monitoring report that tracts the incidence of death or injury by people taking the right drug for the right disease.  Most recent grid on death or serious injury.  Now remember these are people taking the proper drug for their disease.


This translates into the following.  In a single year nearly 201 747’s each containing 412 people would need to crash killing everyone on board.  Would you fly?  Yet we continue to pop drugs like they were candy mindless of the side effects. 

On average, there are 107,000 hospitalizations each year for Nsaid use and 16.5k deaths.

In 2008, by the same reporting, there were 600 adverse reactions and 5 deaths from people taking nutritional supplements/vitamins and the FDA stated that the 5 deaths were likely due to other medical conditions and yet the FDA is continually on a mission to have supplements defined as dangerous to the public and therefore to be by prescription only.  Why?  Because then big pharma controls them and can jack the prices up to the consumer. 

3.  There are 4 vitamins that you can actually OD on, A, D, E & K.  They are all fat soluble vitamins.  D must be taken with K2 in order for the brain to know to send it to the bones rather than storing it in the liver.  All must be taken with food in order to be broken down and absorbed.

4.  What Is a free radical.  This is a funny explanation of what a free radical is.   I’m in a terrible car wreck and I lose my left arm but that’s okay because I look around and find that my neighbor has a left arm,  so I yank off her arm and put it on me.  Now my arm missing neighbor looks around, sees that her neighbor has a left arm, she yanks it off and puts it on.  This behavior goes on all through the neighborhood and everyone ends up with an arm EXCEPT the last person on the block.  That person is now a free radical and the process of the arm yanking going through the neighborhood is called a Free Radical Cascade.  Now all the neighbors with the stolen arms, have arms, true but they are damaged and this process is called oxidation.  How antioxidants work against Free Radicals and Oxidation.  Antioxidants show up with a basket full of arms so everyone gets an arm.  It neutralizes/stabilizes the free radicals, stops the cascading and slows the process of oxidation by decreasing the number of free radicals looking to do harm.

Here’s a gross statistic.  One puff off a cigarette creates  10 to the 27th power of free radicals.  ONE PUFF.  You can’t take enough antioxidants to counteract that and if a free radical hits the dna of a cell in just the right way it creates a cancer.  This is why smoking is basically playing Russian roulette.

Our Isotonic available OPC3 is the most powerful antioxidant available.  Antioxidants are increasingly being used on patients with MS.

5.  What does Isotonic mean and why is it better than a regular vitamin.    When you eat, the food goes into your stomach to be churned up.  This process can take any where from 20 minutes to 8 hours depending on what you’re consuming.  (the fattier the food the longer it takes)  This sludge then leaves the stomach where it is sprayed by the pancreas and liver with enzymes and bile to further break the food down so it can be absorbed.  Isotonic supplements arrive in the stomach already broken down so the brain perceives them as water, passes them immediately out of the stomach and then doesn’t dilute them with bile and enzymes.  They are therefore absorbed at 90 -95% of the available nutrients in 5 minutes per dosage.  Normal hard pressed tablet vitamins go to the stomach where depending on the quality of the binders and fillers used they may partially digest or not breakdown at all.  Even the ones that do partially breakdown, are diluted by enzymes and bile so the amount of nutrient available is greatly reduced.  A top of the line vitamin will still only absorb 40 -45% of the nutrients.  The number one recommended multivitamin, Centrum with Iron passes intact out of the body and absorption levels are less than 5%.  Our vitamin D (D3) with K2 is a power but not isotonic because it needs the bile and enzymes to break it down and that’s why you have to take it with food.  Isotonix video.

Link to Isotonix D with K2

The sugar in our Isotonix is mainly maltodextrin which is not a glycemic sugar.  The amount of glycemic sugar in a dose is the equivalent of 2 grapes.

A pill is absorbed at 0-33%. Centrum is absorbed at 0%. (I pulled this off of a link online)

1. GNC vs OURS

 GNC OPC-1 (Grape Seed Extract)

30mg @ 10% absorption = 3 mg being absorbed $27/month


125mg isotonics @ 95%= 118 mg being absorbed

$27/month $23/month

Have to build up bowel tolerance.  May take a couple of days.

6.  Heart Burn, Gerd, IBS, etc.  Acid is supposed to be in the stomach.  It’s what helps us digest our food.  Acid outside the stomach is caused by a problem with the container (stomach) NOT the acid itself.  But we take antacids like candy.  This converts the acid in our stomachs to water so we can digest our food in our stomach so then we’re sending undigested food into our intestines which can trigger IBS and other intestinal issues.  Aloe is the best way to treat the container not the acid.  Stops gerd on contact.  Sip 2oz throughout the day on an empty stomach.  Have to build up bowel tolerance.  Has a cleansing effect until people build up their tolerance.

There are two forms of calcium.  Calcium citrate and Calcium carbonate.  Get rid of everything in your house that has calcium carbonate in it (everything from chewing gums, TUMS, gummy bears etc).  Calcium carbonate kills off stomach acid.  So what the brain then does is convert the mucus secretors in the stomach to acid secretors so you get bombarded with acid.

The drug companies know that decreasing acid actually creates more acid so they keep building more and more powerful antacids so you keep buying and taking more powerful antacids rather than treating the container and keeping the necessary acid where its supposed to be

Ultimate Aloe is also great for Canker sores

7.  On Calcium.  The milk we drink from the store will actually kill a calf.  Osteoporosis is clearly linked to a high protein diet. This is all protein including plant based sources.  Protein blocks the body’s ability to absorb calcium.  To absorb calcium, the body needs 3 things. 

                > Acid

                > Vitamin D 3 (Our D)

                > Magnesium (Our calcium plus

How the body uses calcium.  The body pulls calcium during the day from our bones to perform vital functions – like your heart beating.  This process is called calcium reuptake.  Then at night, the body puts the calcium back in your bones.  Calcium, therefore should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach.   The morning dose supports blood serum levels.  The night dose provides additional calcium to be restored to the bones and because calcium is a natural muscle relaxant it can improve sleep.  ALL of the osteoporosis medicines, Fossamax, Boniva etc state clearly on their labels that they are calcium reuptake inhibitors.  They keep your calcium in the bone but that deprives the body of calcium that is essential for the proper functioning of your organs, specifically your heart.  They also block the body’s ability to restore the calcium in the bone.  Lack of calcium over stresses the heart.

8.  CoQ10 and Statins and Cholesterol.  Low levels of CoQ10 are associated with increased risk of heart attack.  If you think of it this way, you go to the gym you work out you get bigger because you are stressing the muscles.  If you stop working out, the muscles shrink.  Same thing with your heart but its not a good thing.  If you stress your heart it gets bigger CoQ10 helps it stay its proper size.  Statins block the body’s ability to use the CoQ10 your liver makes.  Statins do lower LDL but there is ZERO proof that they lower the incidence of heart attack or extend life.  Lipator’s claim that it reduced death rates by 36% as stated in their own paperwork submitted to the FDA was a study done on THREE people.  THREE PEOPLE.  LDL Cholesterol is dangerous because it is fluffy and sticky.  It is made fluffy by the process of oxidation so again taking an antioxidant is beneficial.

9.  Glucosamine.  Condroitan actually impairs the bodies ability to absorb glucosamine.  All of us will get osteoarthritis.  All of us should consider taking glucosamine or glucosatrin in you have joint pain.  Decreases the effects of degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)  Must take it if you’re a runner!

10.  Probiotics.  Very good for anyone suffering from IBS  Nutrametrix Nutriclean vs Align.  1 billion active cultures.  We have 10 billion and we’re cheaper.  Activia has been fined and is under increasing scrutiny for false advertisement.

Here is a link for Activia Strawberry Banana

And here’s a link to the nutritional data on pork rinds.  so pork rinds have more fat but look at the sugar levels in the yogurt and the protein levels.  If you’re eating yogurt as part of a “healthy” diet or to get the probiotic effect you might really want to rethink that.

11.  Omega III   The research is undeniable about the health benefits of Omega III but there is a huge difference in the quality of the product on the market.  DO NOT TAKE THE CHEAP STUFF.  The cheap stuff is made from farm raised fish that live in fish farms on the top of the water where the pollutant and toxin levels are highest.  The toxin levels in farm raised fish are astronomical.  Deep water fish have sharply reduced levels of toxins.  Our Omega III is made from sardines.  Why?  They have the shortest life span of any oceanic fish so they have less time to store poisons and toxins in their organs and we harvest them from deep waters.

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